Depression Thaw

A poem I wrote after months of healing from depression.


a cold breeze creeps in
mixing with tears
freezing limbs and veins
weighed down
threatening to snap
shattered in pieces
thawing comes
warming limbs reach upward
spring rounds the corner
green found within
nourished by melted tears
new life, new branches

Jesus Hitchiker

Last Sunday*, I gave Jesus a ride. He was a middle-aged woman with a yellow backpack and a cane walking north on Highway 63.

Hike 1

Flickr: Charles Landry

I almost missed him. After finishing the second service at church, I was running late for a meeting in Ashland, a little town 15 minutes away.  Speeding up the highway, I was on him before I knew it.  I quickly recognized the woman walking with her thumb outstretched as the woman who had visited our church earlier in the day looking for help. She was passing through mid-Missouri on her way from Portland, Oregon, to wherever the road took her.  After one night at our local shelter, she was forced to look for help elsewhere. So she came to the church.
One of our members visited with her and gave her some warm food.  He came and found me and asked me what else we could do.  I was getting ready to start our youth group so I told him that the shelter she stayed at was the only shelter in town. There weren’t a lot of options for her and that if she had a way to get to Columbia – a larger city 30 miles away – they had several shelters.  If she needed another day, we could put her up in a hotel and try to help her to Columbia on Monday.

I went on with my teaching duties and never heard anything more about the lady.

Until I saw her by the side of Highway 63.

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The Word on Church

Stephen Colbert makes me happy. There aren’t too many folks who can make recession humorous.

Wouldn’t it be liberating to have a time in church services for “The Word” and it referred to a Colbert-type segment rather than Scripture?

The preacher could be preaching but the projection screens show little comments along the way that help to clarify what is really being said. There are several preachers that could really benefit from this. Actually, it would be the congregation that would benefit.

Preacher man says “God says, ‘love your neighbor’.”.

Screen says “Unless he is gay… or Muslim… or Jew … or a Democrat …. or …”

Preacher man says “Be in the world but not of it.”

Screen says “By in the world, we mean in homogenious gated communities where we can all be schooled together and protected from the evils of the world and public education until Jesus comes back.”

I’m in a sarcastic mood tonight. Humor me.

What “word” would you offer to more accurately define sayings that we hear in our churches?